The Shark Army Manufacturer houses design, development and manufacture together under the same roof to support an integrated approach, ensuring consistent style and quality and staying true to the original brand concept.


The Shark Army logo has inherited the specialized Shark Sport Watch red and white colors, representing power and vitality. But to make it extra special, the sharp edge and the lightning in the middle differentiates it from the Shark Sport, reflecting the strength and bravery of a military officer ready for his mission.

R&D design

The watchmakers and engineers in the R&D department oversee the entire production process, from research, development and innovation right through to watch movements and new product design. The time consuming and demanding technical development is carried out by highly qualified engineers, using CAD tools in conjunction with the latest generation calculation and 3D simulation software.


Every Shark Army watch design was inspired by various kinds of military unit, such as aircraft dashboards, submarine portholes and tank crawlers. We represent boldness and courage in our products by using the most original ideas, planning capabilities, and advanced technologies to bring entirely new concepts and products to life - all in the spirit of the great outdoors.


Established in-house design and R&D teams with a wealth of experience allow Shark Army to efficiently meet demands, creating whole programs and collections from scratch while ensuring rigorous quality standards throughout.

Quality checks

Shark Army builds products to last, and every watch is designed for continual use for years without breaking because durability is vital to us as one of our core technologies. We conduct a variety of tests, performed one after another by the vigilant team over many months: rate regularity, resistance to physical impacts and thermal variations, and identical performance after simulating several years wear. All functions are thoroughly tested and subjected to stresses well in excess of the normal scope of use.


A complicated movement takes years to perfect, and is the responsibility of watch designers working in conjunction with a team of artisan craftsmen who are experts in their field. Shark Army's outstanding technical watchmaking expertise and commitment to style and quality are reflected in our confidence in our products. Our watches therefore all come with a one year guarantee in an official presentation box with a detailed certificate.

Innovation spirit

At a time when manufacturers were growing and the watch was in perpetual development, the best opportunity for differentiation and winning new markets was through making technological advances. The Shark Army Manufacturer never wavered in its commitment and drive for innovation, continually investing in its technical department while continuing to gather inspiration from outdoor pursuits and military life.


Shark designs, creates, develops and produces both the external components of a watch and its heart - the movement inside. This comprehensive approach enables Shark to offer a complete portfolio of top-of-the-range movements with over 50 variants, as well as prestigious quartz watch collections.

Each watch is designed with a striking, modern aesthetic, including a luminous dial with large dots as markers, making it perfect for outdoor use. At Shark Army, our goal is to offer a collection of well-designed watches that are truly unique and stylish.